Best of Twitter 2012-11-16

I have no idea when the last time I grabbed an archive of tweets was. May have to go back and fill the gap later. For now I am going to grab what I can.


The trouble with Skype’s do-not-disturb logo is that it so bright and cherry red it just screams click on me! Defeats the point 🙂

It has been my experience that even an unwatched pot will never boil. The boiling point of metal is extremely high.

Strength moves things. Speed breaks things.

Have I just gotten lucky or this really the first time the Fail Whales have been out in force in a long time?

I find it ironic that the WordPress spell checker thinks “WordPress” is misspelled … you think we’d get that right.

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@EricMann Their is no “question” about it. American literature is history.

@tammyhart Happy day after the day before All Saints Day. 🙂

.It’s true, @10up water tastes better RT @JJJ Delicious 10up water at #wcpvd #wpcomvip 

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@WordCampPVD tickets are gone, gone, gone… Why do I feel like I just won the grand prize (heart racing and all)? #wcpvd tix scored!


Offered to help wake up a coworker who has trouble getting started by 8am. His response: “I’m armed.” #nolove

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@jeremyfelt @tollmanz Making ad code manager support multiple providers on the same site? Could be the base for social media buttons, too?

Dealing with ghosts of developers past.

Diplomacy – the art of directing someone’s attention toward his open fly while leaving him hope that no one, including you, has noticed.

Summary of the contents of each chapter of the Bible. Awesome format! 


I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing with you….only you forgot to laugh.

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WebSockets. Explosion. Brain.

Veggies are what keep you alive. Fruits are what make you enjoy being alive.


OH: “My syntax in English is worse than my syntax anywhere else”#team10up

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#WordPress core contributor, brilliant engineer, and great guy@EricMann joins #team10up …

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@tammyhart Most open source projects do need design help, including WordPress. Gimp & Inkscape, are both for designers and need design help.

You have not yet wasted a single second of the rest of your life. Stop mourning missed opportunities and grab the ones available now.


2yo in high chair nearly pulled chair out from under 10yo as he was sitting down.

Oops! Sent an email to 100 people with an html table that got chewed. :{

Yo computer so slow it still thinks it is 2012

@jessjurick One of several awesome quotes from Tabetha: Wait until I am finished talking before you interrupt me. 🙂

@wibblenut @jeremyfelt integrity because my son loves sports, is very competitive, and will need even stronger drugs to set a new record now

@jeremyfelt may still have zip code, but I am not talking miles from home. I am talking feet from my seat.

@jeremyfelt wouldn’t be cool if they had a page on twitter where you could see all the tweets within x number of feet around you.

My children are a priority. My wife is not. She is much more essential than that. She is what makes having priorities possible.

@scribu Backbone breaking news! Awesome!


Breaking: Backbone.js to be used in next version of WordPress.

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@tammyhart I always feel sorry for someone stuck using windows. 🙂

Have you ever noticed how often ugly outperforms pretty?

@jeremyfelt That’s only because ur in NW section of a NW city of a NW state of a country in the Northern continent of the Western Hemisphere

Die Walkure by Wagner has a strange similarity something out of Star Wars…


@tammyhart Same here! Been an all-round awesome day.

When your use case allows, ‘fields’ => ‘ids’ blasts through so fast that it leaves wp_list_pluck without any feathers!


@jeremyfelt we did. @tddewey was an awesome tour guide. Had a blast.

Today I learned that Rick Ross and Rick Roll are different.

Just committed my largest ever (I think) single file diff – 3808 lines!


@pandora_radio ok, so I can tweet the name of a song I like, but my followers have to look it up on youtube to hear it?

Learning To Fly by Michele McLaughlin  #pandora

I am plowing through the ocean. 🙂


I thought “now its just a paperweight” == totally useless… until I turned a fan to blow directly on me… and my desk piled with papers!

If not now, then when? If not me, then who? If not this, then what? If not here, then where? If not my way then, not at all.

Is letter-spacing:-.02em; with 12px font different from 0 on any browser?


Using JS to add a field to a form (especially where WordPress already has a hook) is like eating ramen noodles… with a knife.

List of Hooks in WordPress Core JavaScript – As promised quite a while ago (better late than never), here is a list … 

My brain is melting!


“This is really easy. What are you trying to solve?” —@nacin

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Way clever: an icon font that requires *no* special markup. Words like “user” just turn into icon automatically. 

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Whoa! Twitter changed their logo. Looks like either things are starting look up for them, or they have high

A few seconds later I think, “What if the info I needed was on that page? Nah, sites that need ads that big, never have helpful content.

I’m grateful for all the free stuff ads pay for. I really am. But if the 1st thing I see is a huge ad, I’m gone b4 the site is done loading.

I am smashing an apple to bits

@YouVersionHelp Email Delivery: Useless! What possible reason do you have for partial readings forcing me to click thru to your site?

Case is VERY important in JavaScript!!!

I just discovered an awesome easter egg in Pandora. Pause the song at the very last second, Then un-pause to replay.

If you’re in the #Providence area & love #WordPress, talk to 10up’s@lgedeon – he’s leading the organization of a Providence WordCamp

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@jeremyfelt like a nightmare that melts in the light of day

@helenhousandi wow 🙂 that looks to be a lifetime supply unless “this image has been enlarged to show texture”


Love it when I dread doing something coz I tried it previously and failed. Try it again, and BAM! it works 🙂 Joys of learning over time.

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extended periods of chaos fuel a craving for standardization which makes consistent perfection a possibility once again and thus the circle

consistent perfection yields complacency which leads to chaos which inspires creativity required for progress but also generates more chaos

@JJJ dog sleds not able to get through now that the snow has melted off? #wisconsin

WordPress is a web application framework that makes developing any web app easy. It even comes with a demo app – a blogging tool.

Always read instructions before using a new tea kettle – at least remove from inside pot. Instructions become unreadable after multiple uses

Leave no code unturned.

@tddewey @benbalter then again, few know that auto = self (i.e. automobile=self-propelled) maybe selfWAT or egoWAT would grok better

@tddewey @benbalter a name for that feeling you get when you look at old code and just shutter to think that you wrote that… autoWAT!!

The first ever regex: “The Regulars are coming! To Arms! The Regulars are coming!” #codehistory

Have I mentioned lately that shortcode_parse_atts() is the awesome?!?!

@helenhousandi Times like that, I am glad I at least did go back and read it. Then again, I am used to making mistakes 🙂

OH: I was crossing my eyebrows.

That which bothers us the most in others is very often also our own greatest fault.


@lgedeon And then when you find your arm again, it can take another hour to appear.

@carldanley now that you have no tub, I am really glad we are not in the same office.

@jeremyfelt cache is always a double-edged sword. Sometimes it takes off your arm…. other times it only splits your head.

@JJJ Thanks I just ate lunch…. and now I am starving.

so much unlearning of unlearning to do


@jakemgold wp_filter_object_list is the one I kept having to use when I would rather use the more elegantly named named wp_list_pluck

The fog is so beautiful outside. Much better than when it is in my head.

@tollmanz hah! I used wp_list_pluck several times yesterday.

A big cat decided every fish gets his ideal java kept like my new old pet. Quickly record some thing under which x you zoom.#lorumipsum 🙂

@tddewey @sryan_az Cool! A year from now everyone will think we are called 10up because of the 10 codes. And, I mis-read that as 10-79 🙂

The English language, abnormally static for 200 yrs, is about to make up for lost time and pull something bigger than The Great Vowel Shift

Thank you Lord for the little miracles!

And now it has been spoonerised to Fuse the Orc.

@helenhousandi The OS philosophy don’t complain, make it better was ingrained b4 I heard of OS. Eating with fork… still working on that 1

@jeremyfelt wow, and what I meant was no reference to Star Wars. 🙂

@jeremyfelt It would have been funny if I was teaching version control. This was in reference to a physical fork, though. 🙂

The man who answers a stupid question, makes himself as stupid as the asker of the question.

This house is a hoot! OH: Use the Fork! (said in all seriousness with no reference to SW)

The One and Only, True and Real Thing: Not to be confused with other impostors!

Better to be tossed under a bridge than to be tossed under a bus.

@jakemgold Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to catch a train a single bound. Haiku?


When your wife asks you why you’re grumpy “because WordPress doesn’t store post meta for post revisions” is probably not the answer to give.

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The current patent rush reminds a lot of the land rushes of years gone by.

OH: Will you please let me finish talking and then interrupt?

God is good to me even when I deserve it the least just to show me He’s in control. Thank you God for Your kindness beyond comprehension!


“Trust the past to God’s mercy, the present to God’s love, and the future to God’s providence.” Augustine of Hippo

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OH: I can’t take her to the dr. if she is throwing up.

If you’re new to nginx / batcache / WordPress, definitely go through@evansolomon‘s walk through. So happy I did. …

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This [process requiring significant computer knowledge] is not an option as the client is not that technically inept.

@tddewey Yep, I remember Hypercard. Never did much with it but I thought it was an awesome concept.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if apps worked on a flattr model? More use = bigger slice they get of the monthly amount you designate.

@jessjurick a little generosity goes a long way 🙂 Thanks for sharing with him.


Great bunch of plugins by the 10up folks 

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@helenhousandi probably true, but I am far enough out of it, that I wouldn’t know. Starting to feel really old. 🙂

When I was young cultured = knowing Roget, Tchaikovsky, Descartes, Tolstoy, etc. Now: Gaga, Yuengling… don’t know… not cultured anymore

It is hailing outside. Weird

Playing the fiddle is almost as much fun as playing the piano… well not quite but  is awesome!

WordPress and Word both have bugs, quirks and too many features. The difference – I can fix WordPress – That’s huge!

Acappella – Allegro – from Concerto Grosso: via @youtube


Obviously ‘z-index: 2147483647;’ is the only answer.

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OH: “PHP is a little too much like English sometimes.”

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With much power comes much confusion.

The Oscars happen every year. Is that one event or a bunch of events? If it is a whole group of even… Answer:  on@Quora

11yo just said “I want to write so many stories… but they are all just as lame as the other stories I have read.”

@iTod Never mind. I just have to reopen the tabs after pinning. Can live with that. Sure hope the tabs reopen after restarting Lion though.

OH: I don’t need to start a fire in these pants next time.

Gmail is dead again?

My 9yo and 8yo are arguing over intellectual property rights! Aahhhhgg!!

Those who study history have a clearer vision of the future than those who are “too busy creating the future to be bothered about the past.”

But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.  is cool! Lot’s of potential… if you know what I mean. 🙂

Don’t tell me it is easy. Easy things are not worth my time. Is it is nearly impossible? Now that is something worth doing.

I always loved music, but discovered today, the reason I do is that it is language. It has grammar, phonemes, phrases. I <3 linguistics!

Feeling dead? (as in extremely tired) Take a shower. Then you will be dead in the water. 🙂

Pinesol looks way too much like apple juice. Good thing my nose is in good working order.

You can lead a person to truth but you can’t make him think. – Luke Gedeon

Level the playing field for US workers? Wait! With half the world’s workers making $1/day? – I don’t think I want to be leveled!

I want it to be my fault. — If it is my fault, I might be able to fix it. If it is your fault, I just have to put up with it.

I read a 200 page book that had one sentence worth remembering…but I forgot what it was!

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OH: One must be very careful not confuse a bottle of WD-40 for a bottle of compressed air.

There are some really good reasons that people use Logic…. It just makes sense.

Kinda tastes like strawberry at first glance.

You don’t always get what you pay for, but you certainly do not get better than what you pay for. 🙂

It’s lovely that Microsoft makes updating Windows Phones as easy as updating Sony Ericsson phones. #facepalm

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Yes, Matt burnt the tea again.

88 degrees out and headed for 92, but still a nice day thanks to a gentle breeze. I think humidity and wind have more impact than heat.

On days like today, even the weeds look beautiful.

WordPress – a community of people willing to work together but not afraid to just do it on their own, always willing to help anyone.

I can’t spot stoonerizing!!!

Have you ever notice that a good bit of humor, jokes, etc. comes from mis-parsed sentences?

After this I awoke and looked around, and my sleep was sweet to me.

Good design is making a hundred mistakes and picking the best. Great design is making a thousand mistakes and picking the best.

God’s warning to/about today’s preachers (prophet in the Bible = God’s msgr – not just future teller)

@giddytab @DanDIdea – Color theory

White rap… in Spanish? Huh???

Who says the Old Testament is not relevant anymore? Hilarious!

A Mississippi second is considerably longer than one hundred New York minutes.

Some people play sudoku to keep their minds sharp. I played it for a brain break!

I was looking for something to drink and found a fire-hydrant… drenched and still thirsty 🙂

Wow! The only reason you could call that transition seamless was because they couldn’t sew it together. 🙂

I am listening to a beautiful piano sonata by Mozbachoven

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.

Better to plan something and complete half of it than to plan nothing and accomplish that.

Mom: “What are you doing?” 7YO: “Giving him problems”… (math problems)

For in the multitude of dreams and many words there is also vanity. But fear God.

He who pampers his servant from childhood will have him as a son in the end. – how’d that get in there?

Great thoughts from @mlgedeon on how to find the biggest and best opportunities –

Watch out for those stairs? They may look like you could just walk all over them, but they out number you 16 to 1!

Words of Wisdom: Prepare for tomorrow, but do not promise for tomorrow.

8yo’s version of a popular song: Good-mornin’! Good-mornin’! It’s great to wake up late. Good-mornin’! Good-mornin’ to you.

The Amish are a people ahead of their time.

Spoonerism of the day: When it pains it roars. – Tabetha

You sure do hear some weird things around here, like, “I wonder if vampires brush their fangs” ???

OH: I don’t want to become friends w/people I don’t know…. a few mins later same person: I’m going to stop talking so you can’t quote me.

OH: That was not the brightest cookie in the drawer.

Coolest Image Resizer Ever

Table manners: Don’t chew with food in your mouth, and don’t talk with your mouth open.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.


It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don’t say it.

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If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong.

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Overheard: Oh, great! I just received the highest blessing. I’m doomed!

So where do you find a ranch-style house in rain-forest full of uneducated intellectual snobs?


Food Package Warning in my kitchen: Instant Dry Milk MAY CONTAIN MILK. /facepalm

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Join a religion and change the world, or join God and be changed yourself.

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