How to Build a Wiki in WordPress

Note: This article is for developers. It is an outline of steps that need to be taken to build the plugin.

  1. Define a custom-post-type so that this can live next to a the rest of the content on a site. Slug: wiki, of course
  2. Define shortcode [w pagename] that links to the correct page if available. If not, suggest alternatives and give option to create page.
  3. Enable front-end editing for this CPT.
  4. Expose revisions on the front-end.
  5. Add ability to define pages that will act as the header and one or more sidebars.
  6. Add widgets that do page menus, topic menus, etc.
  7. Create a [widget] shortcode
  8. Add custom user levels
  9. Add ability for non-privileged users to submit edits in a format that editors can just click to commit.

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