Open Source Government

If there is one thing that liberals and conservatives, democrats and tea-party members, and everyone in between can agree on, it is that the government leaves a lot to be desired.

What is really awesome is to see businesses stepping up and filling the gaps often using new technology or new ways of thinking about old problems. This is awesome not just because the gap is getting filled, but also because it is getting filled by private companies.

If I don’t like how a company is doing things I can set up a competing company and do better. If the government is doing something, but not doing it well, I will have a hard time competing because they can tax my revenue to pay for their inefficiencies.

One company helping to open-source government a bit is Modria. They are keeping thousands of cases out of the very expensive court system, and helping thousands of people get the justice they seek while restoring relationships. More info here.

Yes, it is a bit expensive, and no I am not encouraging anyone to sign-up. I just thought this was a really cool way to use technology to make a formally government process a human process once again.

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