Two Ways to Make Money: What Few Can Do or What Few Will Do

Most people want to make money doing something they love doing. While that is incredibly helpful since you are more likely to become highly skilled at something you enjoy doing, two other things are required.

First, the results of your labor must be something that other people need or want. That is obvious enough that I will it alone for now.

The second is worth discussing, though. You will make more money by picking something that most people either cannot or would rather not produce on their own. Very few people have the skills to produce the type of web-sites I build. Because of that people are willing to pay me to do it. Very few people are willing to join the military. Because of that they are willing to pay my brother to do that.

If you are trying to pick an occupation or a product to make try to find something that others value, something you enjoy doing, but most importantly something that few people can and/or will do.

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