WordPress Event Types – WordCamps, Meetups, Workshops, and more

I could really use your help.

I am helping out with gathering event planning training materials. More on that in future posts. For today, I need a list of as many different WordPress specific events as possible to make sure we have a good list of materials needed.

So far I have: (h/t Jane)

  1. WordCamps – anyone do anything non-traditional here? (traditional being multi-track series of talks)
  2. Meetups – what formats are used (networking, talks, monthly, weekly)?
  3. Hackathons or Hack-days
  4. New user training – one day / multi-day
  5. Theme workshops
  6. Devcamps
  7. Workalongs
  8. Help clinics
  9. Community Summit
  10. IRC meetings on #wordpress-dev
  11. Online meet ups (ie via Google Hangout) (h/t Andy)

What other types of events are you guys doing?

If you have done any of these other than a traditional WordCamp, would comment with a quick description? I am particularly interested in what goes into planning and running the event. What advice would you give to someone starting a similar event? What needs to be done/communicated before, during and after the event?

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