WordPress Event Types – WordCamps, Meetups, Workshops, and more

I could really use your help.

I am helping out with gathering event planning training materials. More on that in future posts. For today, I need a list of as many different WordPress specific events as possible to make sure we have a good list of materials needed.

So far I have: (h/t Jane)

  1. WordCamps – anyone do anything non-traditional here? (traditional being multi-track series of talks)
  2. Meetups – what formats are used (networking, talks, monthly, weekly)?
  3. Hackathons or Hack-days
  4. New user training – one day / multi-day
  5. Theme workshops
  6. Devcamps
  7. Workalongs
  8. Help clinics
  9. Community Summit
  10. IRC meetings on #wordpress-dev
  11. Online meet ups (ie via Google Hangout) (h/t Andy)

What other types of events are you guys doing?

If you have done any of these other than a traditional WordCamp, would comment with a quick description? I am particularly interested in what goes into planning and running the event. What advice would you give to someone starting a similar event? What needs to be done/communicated before, during and after the event?

10 responses to “WordPress Event Types – WordCamps, Meetups, Workshops, and more

  1. Don’t know if anyone’s doing this yet, but you could probably add online meet ups (ie via Google Hangout) to the list.

  2. Not sure if this qualifies as an event, but when I freelanced, I tried to setup co-working days with other WordPress folks. Actually, still do 😉

    • Sounds like a great event. I actually know quite a few people that would like to do this actually. Any suggestions on how to get started? Picking times and places, finding people nearby?

      • Difficulty is:

        * Scheduling/Location

        * Venue

        The former is easier with small groups: 2, 3, probably no more than four. Venue is harder. Coffee shops tend to workish… coworking spots if someone has an “in” are nice.

        • Taylor, could we provide any resources that would make things easier? Database of available co-working spaces? A database of people in your area that want to co-work with info on areas of expertise/interest, hours, etc? Info on existing resources like meetup.com? Tips on choosing good projects to work on while co-working?

  3. Hey Luke. Pressnomics was an amazing, non WordCamp. But maybe that’s bigger than what you were thinking about?

    The swag that the conference organizers and the sponsors brought in were really awesome. The social activities were top notch (after parties, golf, bowling), and really helpful to make the overall experience was memorable and successful. The venue was perfectly arranged to assist in getting food since no catering was provided other than light snacks and refreshments.

    I could go on and on. Compared to the other events I’ve been to, non WordCamps and San Francisco included, this was by far the best ever.

    • No event is to large, or small. Other than being well executed, though, was there anything that would have made the planning or organizing of this event different than doing a normal camp? I will contact the organizers if needed, but would like to have some idea of what to ask them about.

      I assume the nicer swag and activities were part of the higher ticket price, but is there anything else that could be learned from the event?

  4. My Chicago meetup is monthly, mostly presentations, but quarterly we do a happiness bar, so folks can get direct help.

    I love the idea of coordinating a Co-working day, I’ll have to work on that.

  5. I like the idea of “New user training” breaking up basic WordPress concepts into different sessions. Could be a type of “Welcome to WordPress” day for new clients and others…

    Sessions focusing on specific topics…”For this session we’re talking about creating a page and setting up menus, next we explain the NextGEN gallery plugin, and so on….”

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