Make Events / Event Training Materials – Inventory

Here is a list of documents we are working on to help planners of WordCamps and other WordPress events. This is just a static reference. All discusion and updates will be on


  • AV release form for Speakers – Must have one for every speaker
  • Working with AV – Best practices for recording good presentations and dealing with A/V tech in general.


  • Email Lists – Working with MailChimp (or other mail providers; e.g. campaign monitor)
  • Promotion & Outreach – How to get the word out about your event. Creating partnerships.
  • Social Media – Streamlining workflow for Facebook/Twitter presence; tracking event activity on day-of.
  • Survey Template – Post-event survey.
  • Pre-event Email – Template for pre-event email to attendees
  • Recording & Reporting Policies – Inform participants they will be photographed / reported on – inspiration:


  • Schedules – What formats to use (e.g. iCal); planning your schedule / Check out
  • Session Types – Common + uncommon presentation types (e.g. tutorials vs. panels)
  • Unconference (Day) Guidelines – Best practices for organizing the unconference: timing, content, organization


  • Budget Sample – suggested amounts and percentages for different types of events
  • Budget Template – Currently provided by WC Central to WCs.
  • Invoice Template – Currently provided by WC Central to WCs.
  • Financials Guide – Funneling money through WCC; requirements for out-of-country events. Cover sponsors, vendors, refunds, late registration, additional attendees at speaker dinner, organizer reimbursements, Non-profit letter.


  • Insurance Guidelines – What to look for / choosing the right provider.
  • Venues Guide – Finding good venues (event, afterparty, speakers dinner). Also floorplan and set-up.
  • Do’s & Don’ts of Venue Selection
  • Accommodations – Finding hotels, motels, BNB’s, and other locales to get you a discount.


  • Timeline – In a countdown to event format
  • Organizer Tasks / Agreement – Dividing tasks between organizers, assigning responsibilities, list of mutual understandings


  • Registration Guide – Templates for registration; release forms (for speakers);
  • CampTix – How to use, best practices, pricing suggestions


  • Speaker Guide – Best practices for presenters; tips and tricks; advice from longtime WordCamp speakers.
  • Checklist of Best Practices – A quick reference for wrangling speakers
  • Speaker Submission Form – Questions to ask potential speakers.
  • Choosing Speakers Guide – A guide for organizers on how to choose appropriate speakers.
  • Speaker invite templates – Invites to speakers, confirmation, request for materials, logistics template emails
  • Speaker rejection templates – How to thank people for submissions / proposals but not accept them
  • Speaker Dinner – How to choose a location, who should be invited, how to manage the budget


  • Sponsorship Guide – Templates for sponsorship tiers; how to choose sponsors; guidelines (e.g. GPL requirement).
  • Checklist of Best Practices – A quick reference for wrangling sponsors
  • Fundraising – Who to ask, what to say, what to offer, how to make sure commitments are fulfilled.


  • Food n’ Drink Guide – Best practices for choosing a caterer; dealing w/ dietary restrictions; budget management.
  • WCC Wrangling – Ensuring vendors are paid on time; communicating w/ WordCamp Central.


  • Swag – Best practices/advice for swag. Includes stickers!
  • Event Signage – Listing signage type + best practices (e.g. schedules on doors, what info?)
  • Badges – Several templates and ideas


  • Volunteer Wrangling – Estimating how many you need, recruiting, training,
  • Volunteer Job Descriptions – Typical hours required, expectation of volunteer time, etc.


  • Website Guidelines – Site map; what content you should have in place.
  • Logo and Site Design – No Fauxgo, asking for, rewarding and acknowledging volunteer designers, WordCamp oneword
  • WordCamp Theme – How to style, and how to use CPTs
  • Snippet Library / FAQ – Answers to questions organizers get asked a lot. Explanation for organizers and public version.

See anything we missed? Have some of these materials you would like to share? Again this is just a reference. All discusion and updates will be on

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