Essentials First Deliverable

The term Minimum Viable Product MVP is great in an environment where you are building your own product and everyone is familiar with ship early, ship often agile processes. Plus it sounds like Most Valuable Player and who doesn’t want their product to be an MVP?

In many cases the acronym can be confusing though. Clients may want you to deliver their ideal for a most valuable product at the minimum viable product price and timeline.

Other clients may be put off by the word minimum. They may think that you are trying to get away with the least amount of work possible failing to realize the benefit of getting something out the door quickly.

Notice that in both cases, the challenges I am mentioning are related to external teams. For an internal team MVP might still be the best term. For teams that primarily work on client projects, however, I would like to propose a new term and see if I can get your help to iterate on it. Yup, I am taking an agile approach to term development.

This all started in a meeting with XWP (the best WordPress agency in the world), today. As I listened the word essential really jumped out. Based on that and several other concepts mentioned in the meeting I started to come up with a new name for the MVP concept. A name that hopefully will work better for client work.

So now it is your turn:
What do you think of the term Essentials First Deliverable?
What are your thoughts on the EFD acronym? (Wikipedia lists Enterprise Function Diagrams as a possible namespace conflict)
What other words could be used to better convey this concept?

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